About Us

Who we are

PALACE STYLE SCHOOL is a pre-school and primary school which seeks to render both academic and skill acquisition services to children. At PALACE STYLE SCHOOL, our belief is that early years are the times for the development of values, knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for the next phase of life. this time may be scientifically crucial in the development and preparation of the brain for the knowledge that would be acquired in the later years of life. However, there is no gain saying that all kids are diverse in physiological, anatomical, cultural and sociological capabilities. Hence, individual approach to learning, which acknowledges every child as a unique social being that is entitled to a supportive learning environment that would promote interaction with peers and adults, may be the best strategy through which goals specified for the early learning years of individual kids can be achieved.

Our Vision

PALACE STYLE SCHOOL would pride itself in the vision which seeks to groom smart, intelligent and Godly kids who would be confident to achieve future educational goals, and acquire relevant information required for success in the changing world.

Our Mission

Our seasoned and well trained tutors would assess the unique peculiarities of enrolled pupils, assist and mentor them to interact creatively and imaginatively with learning resources within the environment, so that early childhood learning outcomes are achieved.