Admission Requirement

Admission Information & Requirement

In order to secure a place at PALACE STYLE SCHOOL, we suggest that parents should establish a first line communication with us stating the intention to enroll a child. This can be done either by email, phone call or drop in at the location of the school. Hence, once the expected pupil is allocated a place in an appropriate class, the pupil would be invited for a trial day at school. Details of the requirements for this trial day will be adequately communicated to intending PALACE STYLE PARENTS. On completion of the trial day, the child would be assessed, and final outcome would be communicated to parents. This outcome may either convey a successful final placement at PALACE STYLE SCHOOL or otherwise. Thereafter, further admission procedures would be communicated and progressed.

Admission Requirement

2 Copies of fully completed enrolment form
2 Passport photographs each of parent(s),
child(ren) and any other adult that would be
mandated to pick child up
1 Copy of Birth & Immunization certificates
Full payment of all required fees

Admission Form

We are happy to inform you that our forms can be freely downloaded, filled and submitted either electronically uploading as an attachment to our email, or manually by post or physical hand-in at the school.

You can download the form by clicking the download button.