First Day at School: What you should Know

Every human passes through different phases of life. Some phases of life may come as challenges which must be overcome in order to achieve success. Going to school is one of such important steps to achieving success. For both parents and children, the feelings could be mixed. While parents may need to cope with some concerns that border around having the right sets of people that would give their wards the rewarding experiences at school, children could be faced with the fears of coping with the emotional and psychosocial feelings that separation from home and family could bring. Whichever is the point of view, here are some tips which we at Palace Style School believes could help both parents and children to cope effectively with the concerns of a return to school or fresh enrollment into school.

-START EARLY: An early consideration to enroll children into school is advised for parents. This is because there are established evidence to justify that children who commence school at an earlier age on or before one year have better psychosocial, emotional, communication and academic outcomes than peers on the other end of the divide.

-OPEN-MINDEDNESS: All parents who have had prior convictions to sign up their wards into a particular school are encouraged to keep an open mind, trust the caregivers and tutors that have been employed to cater to the needs of their wards at school.

-SCHOOLS SHOULD KEEP IT SIMPLE: For us at Palace Style School, keeping the activities of first days at school light, simple and warm is a proven strategy that douses fears. Teachers and caregivers should spend time learning about the needs, likes, and dislikes of their wards. As the academic term thus progresses, all pupils should be gradually initiated into details of curricular and co-curricular activities that have been scheduled for learning.

-PREPARE AHEAD OF EVERY RETURN TO SCHOOL: For children who are already communicating, parents should talk to them ahead of every back to school period. This would most likely prevent the fears of re-separations from the family.

Palace Style School is managed and governed by God-fearing personnel and sincere concern for the needs of children is our motivation. We do not spare any efforts at supporting and giving unalloyed care to help all our pupils through relevant phases of life including helping our wards to overcome the fears of first days at school. Hence, we can confidently assure parents that first day at Palace Style School could be anticipated with much excitement.

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