Our Policies

At Palace Style School, we desire kids that are smart and clean always. In addition, we appreciate the diverse background of our kids and the challenges that could be encountered in the selection of mufti wears by our growing busy career parents. Hence, to ensure uniformity, we have designed a school wear that would be purchased on enrollment for all kids from over 15 months. Hence, it is expected that this outfit would be worn by all palace style kids to school except on exceptional days such as sports, when the sport outfit would be worn, or special occasions such as birthdays, school tours and other school events.

Children are growing rapidly and they involve themselves in tremendous amount of physical activities thereby burning off large amounts of energy. These energies need to be supplied both at home and in school hence the importance of the School Meal Programme (SMP). In addition brain growth occurs maximally in the first two years of life, adequate nutrition is needed to ensure optimal physical and mental growth and development of children.


The SMP is an important part of the School Health Programme aimed at supplementing meals given at home to ensure a holistic nutritional care. The World Health Organization (WHO) appreciates and strongly recommends the SMP. The WHO recommends that 50% of the caloric requirements and 30% of the protein requirements should be supplied by the meals given in school.

With these recommendations in mind, the Palace Style Kids food policy seeks to ensure and promote the consumption of healthy and nutritionally adequate food by children under our care. These include:

Carbohydrate- rich food like Yam, Bread, rice, potatoes These are good sources of calorie/energy.

Protein- rich food like Egg, Milk, Beans and beans products like akara, moimoi. These are tissue-building food.

Vitamins-rich foods like fruits- Oranges, Banana, Pineapple, Pawpaw, carrot, water melon These build up the immune system, facilitate metabolism and fight infections.

Water- natural and clean water It aids digestion.

Fats and Oil- butter, cheese Supply calorie and are important part of cell membrane

Fibres- Oat, whole grain Aids elimination.

Minerals and micro-nutrients found abundantly in vegetables and fruits They are immune boosters.

We discourage the consumption of the following:

Sweetened biscuits and chocolates.

Carbonated drinks.

Simple sugar and sweetened drinks.

Sweets and chewing gums etc.

The above (Marked in red) are junk food that predispose children to obesity and its various untoward complications, Diabetes Mellitus, dental caries, aversion for normal nutritious meal and poor or sub-optimal physical, mental and psychological growth and development.

To this effect therefore, we would like to encourage parents that the content of food packaged to be consumed in school by palace style kids should contain at least:

A main meal


Snacks (unsweetened biscuits)


Let’s join hands to train our children to eat rightly and thus grow/develop optimally.

At Palace Style School, we have a fascinating health package specially designed to prevent common childhood diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, worm infestation and skin diseases which hinders the activities and well-being of under-5 kids.


All staff members are adequately screened to ensure that they are medically suitable to work with children.

A medical doctor attached to our facility will offer at least twice monthly routine medical check-up for our Palace Style Kids.

Parents will have the opportunity to speak with our consultant pediatrician for relevant medical advice with respect to our Palace Style Kids.

Our health personnel would carry out daily health inspection on the children, and parents would be notified of any observed unhealthy findings.

We expect parents to ensure that their kids who might have been noticed to be feeling unwell are adequately attended to.

We would gladly suggest that kids that are on treatment /medications are taken care of at home.

Please be informed that our health policy does not include administration of medications to children that are feeling unwell.

Our well trained staff will give first aid to a child in case of an emergency.

In case of an emergency that may require more than administration of first aid by our staff, we would be obliged to take your child to our health care provider (Hospital) for proper treatment. However in such a case, the consultation fee will be borne by our school while other bills which include cost of treatment will be borne by the parents. Parents would be notified of such development and they would be expected to put up a prompt appearance at the hospital.

We have various lined up activities such as weekly sporting activities and play to keep our kids in good health and shape.

We encourage regular hand washing and other healthy habits in order to prevent transmission of infection from the hand to mouth. Hand washing is encouraged before and after eating, after use of the toilet and after playing.

Our staff involved in administration of first aid and assistance in the toilet also use pair of hand gloves.

Our Palace Style Kids are put through toilet training.

Personal hygiene is taught to encourage Palace Style kids to imbibe cleanliness at home.

Our surroundings are kept at optimal level of cleanliness in order to prevent spread of disease.

To ensure the general safety of our kids, the following have been provided:

A well trained security guard

Floors are kept dry

Fire extinguishers to prevent fire outbreak

Concealed electrical sockets to prevent electrocution